General Discussions Forum Rules

The rules here are simple. They are in addition to the terms you agreed to when you registered.

1) Content guidelines
This forum is a place where members can talk about virtually anything however there could be kids on here and therefore content should be appropriate for kids. Before you post ask yourself if you would want your child reading it or if you would talk that way in front of your child.

2) Forbidden content
Porn of any kind, gambling, drugs (even legal), copy righted content or otherwise materials that should be paid for are strictly forbidden. Illegal content can be retained and turned over to the proper authorities at the discretion of the forum owner. To prevent spam members will be unable put links in their posts, profile, or signature until they have 10 posts. If before then you need a link posted that doesn't contain spam or content that otherwise violates these rules send it in a PM to a mod or administrator and, at our discretion, we will post it for you. If the staff adds a note to your post requesting that you alter your post in some way please comply otherwise your post may be removed. Do not solicit other members for money either publicly or privately nor post unauthorized advertisements. Solicitations will be removed and advertising for a service will be handled on a case by case basis. Any posting of advertisements, as well as the terms behind said advertisements are solely up to the board founder and subject to change or termination without notice. Advertising of illegal goods or services will not be tolerated. Posting links to websites containing content that is forbidden is also prohibited. This applies to posts, profile comments, and private messages.

3) Post Ownership
With the exception of forbidden content as outlined in paragraph 2 you can post others' non-confidential content as long as you reference the source. Keep this in mind: if it is publicly available on the internet, it can be re-posted but if it isn't than it is forbidden. For example, a company's stock numbers from the last quarter can be posted once they become public knowledge however internal reports for figures not released are forbidden. You are of course the post author however once posted the board founder is the content's owner. The board's founder is not to be responsible for others' posting or quoting forum content on this site elsewhere on the web.

4) Quoting content
Plagiarizing is not tolerated. If you are re-posting content that is not on this site you are to include the link leading to the site on which it is posted otherwise your post or thread could be rejected by staff. Content in the public sections of this forum can be quoted elsewhere on the internet as long as you provide a link to the source; doing so is only fair. Any content posted in a private section of the forum is not to be re-posted or quoted publicly nor is it to be shared with others to which access has not been granted neither here nor elsewhere on the web however if you post in a private section assume that the content can be posted elsewhere.

5) Forum moderation
With the exception of removing personal information as out-lined in the Privacy Policy, in order to preserve post authorship forum staff are hereby directed not to edit other members' posts however in keeping with these rules forum staff (admins and moderators) have the right to delete, split, merge, move, lock, hide forum content, or either add or remove subject prefixes at their discretion. The forum staff shall be held accountable for their actions however the forum owner will not be. Abuse of such rights can result in them being taken by the forum owner without prior notification. If you have any concerns or a grievance feel free to private message a forum admin but do not back-talk or harass a staff member or any member for that matter. If you feel that a post or thread has been unjustifiably deleted PM an administrator and respectfully request a review of the content. The administrator might at his/her discretion restore the content.

6) Usage rights
Users are granted certain posting rights at registration including the ability to post in the forum, message members, or comment on users profiles, and forum administration might as they see fit add or remove those rights based upon a user's activity in keeping with the forum rules. Someone who upholds the rules might gain additional rights whereas those who don't may lose their rights or even their ability to use the site. Any user that has been banned irrevocably loses all rights on this forum and may not register on the forum again. See sections 2,5, and 7 for more information.

7) Consequences
Violating any rules or other warnings from forum staff could result in consequences ranging from a warning to a permanent ban. The consequences will vary based upon the degree and frequency of the infraction to be used at the discretion of the forum staff. Keep in mind that these rules are just guidelines open to interpretation by forum staff. If you have any questions as to content email or pm a staff member. If you have any questions as to the terms in this agreement please contact an administrator. If you do not agree with these terms please contact an administrator to have your account terminated. Forum staff's rights are also subject to these rules.

8 Appeal
Most users are granted the ability to appeal their ban for a certain period of time but depending upon the severity and frequency of the user's infraction(s) the user's right to appeal may be denied. Users that have appealed are not guaranteed to have any or all of their previous rights restored. At the time of an appeal the forum staff will debate the appeal and then vote on an action. The forum staff's decision stands. You agree not to retaliate against anyone who performs any action they deem necessary to uphold these rules. Any appeal must be submitted in writing within 30 days of their ban or they permanently forfeit their ability to appeal.

9 Discontinuation of Services
Forum administration might at any time discontinue or revoke any user's ability to use any functionality of the site for any reason without prior notification. This site is subject to removal at any time.

By continuing to use this forum you agree to abide by these rules and any subsequent revisions, announced or otherwise.

Last updated on 06/18/2017.